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We sell products which our mothers dare to drink
- Kuo, Nai-Jung, the third-generation owner of Herb 18 Health Tea -

Upholding the well-disciplined and honest corporate culture,
Herb 18 insists the quality and provides the best products for you.
The drinks are produced based on 100% extraction from natural herbs. Upon inspection of testing agencies, no plasticizers, heavy metals, pesticide residues, or any ingredient of western medicine is added into our products. You can taste our products without worries.

“Due to many kinds of Chinese herbs, we are now unable to obtain the organic certification. However, raw materials of our products are natural. We adopt Chinese herbs that are approved to be used as food ingredients according to the announcement of the government. Our products have passed the inspection of pesticide, heavy metals, and western medicine carried out by SGS. Herb 18 tastes as safely as Angelica Duck and Stew Chicken with Four Herbs!”

Inspection of Package and Container


Inspection of Ingredient of Western Medicine


Inspection of Pesticide


Inspection of Heavy Metals


Inspection of UN REACH Chemicals on Packing Cartons


Inspection of UN Chemicals Regulation on Chemicals on
Packing Cardboards


Inspection of Forest Protection


Inspection of Pesticide Residues on Packing Ink

  • The Company has taken out an insurance policy on liability of NT$10,000,000 from Union Insurance Company, with the number of inspection 1215 No.8ZPL00000025
  • The content of Tea Bag is fully produced by the Company (Made in Taiwan). Exterior foil packages are authorized to be packed by a biochemical OEM packing plant certified by HACCP, GMP, and ISO22000. Users can taste our products without worries.
  • The test and analysis report of nutrition of Herb 18 Tea is conducted by National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.
  • According to Article 22 of “Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation”, Article 13 of “Health Food Control Act”, and “Mandatory Provisions to be Included in and Prohibitory Provisions of Standard Form Contract for Mail-ordered Purchase of Food or Catering Service”, Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Welfare and Health requests that the information listed in applicable laws should be clearly marked in Chinese and universal signs on the containers or packages of food, additives, and supplementary food.