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Centurial Heritage

The product contains multiple mild Chinese herbs, and is refined based on “micro-taste method”; that is, the natural herbal essence is absorbed under the premise of micro-scale, multiple types, and side effect-free (brings no harm to stomach and kidney, and not too cold). The product features a mild and fast process of absorption.




Drinkable Care Product

According to the statistics, the annual value of the beauty market in Taiwan is estimated to be NT$40 billion. People should be re-educated on the concept of internal circulation instead of external application of cosmetics. After all, cosmetics apply only to the surface. If people want to fully improve their conditions, they should pay attention to the internal care first. The product overcomes the traditional concept of side effects or long-term absorption of Chinese herbs, and can definitely dominate the female beauty market. In addition, with the help of Father’s decades of medical service, the product has fully overcome the blind spot or traditional thinking.



My Self-satire and Persistence

My husband wants to give up Herb 18 because Chinese herbs are not popular in Taiwan! They are even excluded! It is a miracle for me to have supported Herb 18 till today! When I only had a store for Herb 18, I had no business in winter and relied on my husband, who owned a sideline for Jade Jewelry. The revenue received from sales of jewelry was used to subsidize Herb 18! Regardless less income, I still insisted upon the operation of Herb 18. My staff even considerately asked me to lower their compensations voluntarily. In fact, the reason why I have been so stubborn is that I consider Herb 18 good and am highly confident of it. I believe that one day Herb 18 will become hot sales…

In these years, I have had a difficult time, especially because I could not spend much money on advertisement like others who had strong financial capacity. In addition, I could not make the effect of Herb 18 public or tell the truth of Herb 18 (inappropriate regulation of related authority). Several years ago, I wrote a letter to Chairman Tsai of the company to recommend Herb 18. Several months later, I received no reply from the company. Although the situation was what I expected (who cared about a small-scaled company?), relatives from the company whoare slightly associated with me looked down on Herb 18 and even asked my staff, “Do you dare to drink the “stuff”?” In these years, I have experiences similar situations and heard of sarcasms from many customers. However, I insist on Herb 18! Even if you say that I am foolish and do not think clearly, no one can stop me from continuously promoting Herb 18.


Performance of Herb 18 – Station in state-owned enterprises

This year, Herb 18 has moved toward the ninth years of operation and received few achievements. In addition to 11 branches, Herb 18 may also be found in state-owned China Steel Shopping Mall and Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. GoodsCome. Even NHK TV came to us actively for interview. (As everyone knows, companies can pay the media company to have interviews in Taiwan). Nowadays, the sales of Herb 18 every day has exceed 1,000 bottles compared to several bottles in the past. People are surprised to learn that the annual sales of homely and tacky Herb 18 Tea have exceeded NT$10,000,000 three years ago…


Miracle of Herb 18

Tea we sell is different from others. We do not sell our products one bottle by one bottle; instead, we sell our products one piece by one piece! The card is divided into the quota of 30, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 bottles. This year, the card with the quota of 2,000 bottles is available now! We are not boasting. The card has 2,000 grids on it. It is not we that want to sell the card with so many bottles; rather, our clients ask us to make such card! Clients consider our products useful! He wants to drink our products for a long time and share them with their family members, friends and colleagues. This is the reason why the monthly card appears. 

As of July 2013, the number of monthly cards with the quota of 30 bottles sold from all branches of Herb 18 reached 7,290 pieces! The price for each card is NT$2,500. If Herb 18 did not work at all, why could we sell so many cards? And how would anyone be willing to purchase such a great amount at a time?


Depression of Chinese Herbs in Taiwan

Chinese herbs are very popular health drinks in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Everyone, except Taiwan, knows how good they are! I have promoted Chinese herbs for five or six years, but only few people believe it. Even when loyal clients, who have received some effects, shared and recommended our products, they were rejected by people who believe in western education and deem wisdom passed down for more than thousand years from ancestors useless! Thus, the Boss said with disappointment, “forget about it! I can make more money by selling jewelry!” (p.s. the Boss is an expert in emerald forensic who has been interviewed by TV)

We should not blame citizens in Taiwan because we received education in a western way since we were little. “See a doctor and take western medicine if you are sick; do not carelessly believe Chinese herbs and folk prescription”. I could not change such situation by myself alone. What side effects do Chinese herbs have? According to a book published by Dr.Tekkan Shigeno, the most authoritative doctor in Japan, “Chinese herbs may bring slight side effects.” The book also mentions that “according to the survey of inspection conducted by Ministry of Welfare in Japan, more than 1,000 cases of side effects of western medicine are reported, while only dozens of cases of side effects of Chinese herbs are reported. Among these reported side effects of Chinese herbs, they are not harmful to human life or relating to sequel.” Researches on Chinese medicine from The Compendium of Materia Medica, including Shen-nung Pen-Tsao Ching, to modern theories have been continuously carried out for five thousand years in order to ensure the safety of Chinese herbs served as food ingredients. 


Origin of Herb 18 – beauty drinks derived from past Grandfather’s secret formula


The secret formula of Herb 18 is based on wisdom of decades of medical service from my husband’s grandfather Lin, De-Lu. Since 1936, Yongde Chinese Medicine Pharmacy, founded in Nanjhou Township in Pingtung, has saved numerous lives with more than 60 years of reputation. To inherit the arts of Chinese Medicine from past Grandfather, My husband developed a mild health drink which is able to strengthen energy, help skincare, help sleep, reduce the temper, and promote defecation. The product is a must-have and suits modern people who are under great stress for daily care. 

The product contains multiple mild Chinese herbs, and is refined based on “micro-taste method”; that is, the natural herbal essence is absorbed under the premise of micro-scale, multiple types, and side effect-free (brings no harm to stomach and kidney, and not too cold). The product features a mild and fast process of absorption.


Never give up

In these years, I have repeatedly introduced our products to clients. With witness and feedback of so many customers, I could reconcile myself to giving up promotion! I always encouraged my husband to keep operating the business based on sharing without taking profits too seriously. However, I always failed to persuade him, who had no longer had passion for the business. As a result, I, who have never done business before, decided to take on the business and move on.