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Headquarters Introduction

The secret formula of Herb 18 is based on wisdom of decades of medical service from my grandfather Lin, De-Lu. Since 1936, Yongde Chinese Medicine Pharmacy, founded in Nanjhou Township in Pingtung, has saved numerous lives with more than 60 years of reputation.

To commemorate my grandfather, I have studied the arts of Chinese Medicine for my entire life and developed a mild health drink which is able to strengthen energy, help skincare, sleep aid, reduce internal heat, and promote smooth defecation. The product is a must-have and suits modern people who are under great stress for daily care.

Yongde Chinese Medicine Pharmacy, the first appearance of JK Health & Beauty Co., Ltd., has saved numerous lives with more than 60 years of reputation. In 2004, the third-generation inheritor Kuo, Chang-Ting founded JK Health & Beauty Co., Ltd. and modified Herb 18 to healthy herbal tea.

✔ We have 80-year exclusive formula (which other franchisees lack) 

✔ We have loyal customers who share our products by word of mouth and continuously build up new customers (strength of entrepreneurship)

✔ We are the leader in the health market

Words from Boss


Herbal 18 is the top 1 Taiwan tea in the world. If several herbal tea companies listed in China try our tea, they won’t survive in this market.

According to the statistics, the annual value of the beauty market in Taiwan is estimated to be NT$40 billion. People should be re-educated on the concept of internal circulation instead of external application of cosmetics. After all, cosmetics apply only to the surface. If people want to fully improve their conditions, they should pay attention to the internal care first. The product overcomes the traditional concept of side effects or long-term absorption of Chinese herbs, and can definitely dominate the female beauty market, not to mention the liver-care health market. In addition, with the help of Grandfather’s decades of medical service, the product has fully overcome the blind spot of traditional thinking.

Herb 18 herbal tea is produced by multiple Chinese medicine, compared to other products, which are made by three to four kinds of herbs, such as mint and water with brown sugar. The effect is significantly different.

  • Business Philosophy

    Manage healthy products in a serious way and promote the idea that constitution is adjusted from internal care
  • Store Management

    Adopt the strategic training for store-in-store management and build a healthy mode of operation
  • Customer relationship and marketing management

    Good intention, good words, and good deeds lead to easy money making
  • Internal control and cost management

    Herbal 18 is a service business. The profitable cost management is based on the personal investment
  • List and digital education

    We teach you correct and simple account management and achieve smooth money flow
  • Counter operating procedure

    Herbal 18 provides you single products, professional training, and easy cultivation and makes them your strengths
  • Equipment maintenance

    You can't make bricks without straw. Sound equipment maintenance brings sustainable operation
  • Complete Logistics

    We use refrigerator cars for delivery to let customers enjoy products like freshly brewed
  • Professional cost calculation

    We let you know that the business with large values generated from small costs can survive for three generations
  • Market impact

    We can educate everyone to pay attention to their health and create the opportunity for the health market






Estimated daily sales

NT$10,000/per day

NT$15,000/per day

NT$20,000/per day

NT$30,000/per day

Estimated daily operating income

Unit price: NT$75

Unit price: NT$75

Unit price: NT$75

Unit price: NT$75

Number of customers: 133

Number of customers: 200

Number of customers: 267

Number of customers: 400

Estimated average gross margin





Estimated net profit margin





Gross profit





Fixed cost-house rental





cost-Employees’ salary










Subtotal of fixed cost





Monthly net profit





Yearly net profit





The term of franchise is 3 years and four months.
Franchisees can choose the model of franchise based on region.
The minimum threshold brings the maximum profit:
people as smart as you can make money constantly.
We show you what other people are afraid of doing:
we manage the store and raise children at the same time.
Become an entrepreneur in your middle age and no longer work for the boss but yourself.
Welcome to visit our branches. You will regret to say that you could have joined us earlier.
Due to limited vacancies, apply for the franchise now!

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